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Do you want to find emotional balance and manage your stress effectively?

Do you want to express yourself with confidence and from the heart?


About me

Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner - Holistic Communication Coach

I love supporting people to feel less stressed, safer and more confident in their own skin, no matter what they are going through or/and who they are communicating with.

During my sessions, according to the needs, I use modalities such as  EFT, breathwork, yoga, meditation, theatre based learning, somatic movements.


For me EFT (emotional freedom techniques) are me the most efficient and powerful techniques I came across with to lower down stress level, remove self-limiting thoughts and beliefs and develop self-confidence. It is straightforward, deep, easy to learn and I am love being able to it.


I run trainings, workshops, retreats and work with groups, corporate and individuals.

If you feel the need to release stress, uncomfortable emotions or/and step into your confident voice, please contact me and I will be honoured to guide you.

I am available in both French or English, in Seoul or Online

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    Sessions and courses

    Public Speaking Training

    « I did a public speaking workshop with Sophie and took out so much from just a session. The pace is just right, fast enough to feel engaged and slower at times to take in the techniques. Sophie introduced a wide range of techniques to warm up the voice, deal with anxiety, to catch effectively the interest of an audience and many more. I appreciated that Sophie didn’t put us on the spot. She is warm and attentive to each participant and creates a safe space. She managed to make the whole process feel very natural so that in the last part of the workshop we didn’t feel nervous at all to do a presentation in front of the group. »

    S. Photographer, France

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