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I am a coach and teacher who uses tools from Yoga, Theatre based learning, and Project Management to invite you to live in harmony with yourself and at work.

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Hello, I am Sophie

For me the alliance of playfulness and mindfulness is the best combination to learn efficiently how to develop Public, Speaking skills, improve Leadership Effectiveness, lower down Stress Level, Gain Confidence and find Balance in Body, Soul and Mind.

I also work with artists and help them to define their message and curate their event.

I design and adapt sessions, classes and workshop according to the people needs.


All are available in person and online


Yoga& Meditation

I teach Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Meditation.

The coordination of breathing and physical movement, reduces stress, increase positive emotions and help participants regain control of their body and mind.


Public Speaking Skills

With techniques used in Theatre, breathing exercices and visualisations exercises and practice you will realise that speaking in public can be lots of fun!


Theatre at work

I can guarantee that Theatre based learning is an effective way to:​​​​​​

Improve your leadership, Develop communication between team members, Enhance public speaking Skills, Manage your emotions and your stress level, Create great memories!


vOICE FOR yoga Teachers

Teaching Yoga is like being a Public Speaker, except that your audience is moving their bodies as you speak.

Find my tips and insights into making the most of your powerful voice will serve you regardless of where you are in your own yoga journey:


Yoga & Drama for kids

Empower your children with Yoga & Drama skills!


Yoga and Theatre are both about being in the present. They both increase self-esteem and confidence. They also help to overcome worries and fears of judgement.


Artist consultant 

With over ten years experience of promoting artists and curating artistic events,I can help you to organise your exhibition, concert, release your album, your book, reactivate your productivity.


Theatre class

This class consists of breathing exercises, theatrical games, improvisations based on listening, letting go, using the body, space, voice, speech and gaze.



Corporate programmes for your colleagues, partners and clients:

Tailor-made workshops and/or Team Building: 

Wellness with Yoga and Meditation, Theatre at Work, Improvisations, Public Speaking Skills 

Regular classes: Yoga, Meditation, Stress Management Sessions 

Customer gifts: all the above

Get in Touch

Hong Kong - France  /  Tel.+852 9847 6523

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