Voice for Yoga Teacher

Teaching Yoga is like being a Public Speaker, except that your audience is moving their bodies as you speak.


This training is good if:

  • you are a new yoga teacher

  • You are an experienced teacher and want a refresher

  • you wish to grow your impact as a yoga teacher

  • you want to express your authentic voice and be yourself

  • you are interested in presentation skills


My tips and insights into making the most of your powerful voice will serve you regardless of where you are in your own yoga journey:


  1. Learn how to synchronize your breath

  2. Empower your voice, pitch, tones, volumes

  3. Refine your presentation skills and body language

  4. Use techniques to engage your students

  5. Find you authenticity

  6. Gain confidence and come over imposter syndrome

  7. Get useful tips to remain confident

  8. Practice

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