Hatha Yoga

The class was really good. Great communication and flows. Sophie's classes are really nice and camlming but also a good work out!

Campbell, Pilote, from Australia

Public Speaking Skills

The training was far from my expectation, I really enjoyed it too. I learn a lot of small techniques which put all together bring big change. I have been amazed by the dramatic improvement  in all the attendance. It was incredible to watch all the final speeches, they were so professional after only 3 days training!! I can’t believe. 
I really like the atmosphere and Sophie's personality and professionalism.
Congratulation I really recommend this workshop.
Olivia, From France

Public Speaking

I join the Theatre Yoga workshop in February 2019 in Discovery Bay. It consisted of 4 sessions and was led by Sophie.

I had no idea what to expect but my main goal was to spend a relaxing & fun moment & to improve my mindfulness and confidence.

Sophie created a very safe and non-judgmental environment in which it was very natural to “let it go”.

 I look forward to joining another workshop with Sophie in the future. 

Emma, Teacher, from Belgium

Yin Yoga

Sophie gives very clear instructions and chose soothing music. Great Class in lousy weather day!

Angela, from Hong Kong

Vinyasa Flow

Very nice class. I forgot about my life and I released so much tension that I couldn't hold my tears at the end of the class during Savasana. Sophie is just great!

Marina, Architect, from Spain

Yoga & Meditation

Merci pour la lumière!

Peter, Canada