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Holistic Public Speaking 

(Re)discover the joy of speaking. (adults - teenagers - kids

For elevator pitch, speaking within a group or at a diner table, share your point of view, give a presentation,a speech, prepare an oral, feel comfotable online, on your social media and learn how to speak from the heart. 

Learn the specific and holisitic techniques to express yourself

  • Use your voice as a powerful tool of communication 

  • Come over shyness, anxiety

  • Have a better control of emotions

  • Speak with presence and love power

  • Become more present and keep your audience's attention 

  • Find your authenticity 

  • Make an unforgettable impact around you

  • Develop a Heart-Centred Voice

  • Use your Body as Key to Feeling Safe

  • Learn embodiment practices to help you feel safe and grounded when speaking.

  • (Re)discover the joy of speaking.

  • Healing and Deconditioning the Past / Remove limited belief and blocage

What to expect:

  • EFT practice to remove old believe

  • Excercices for the voice

  • Throat chakras openning exercices

  • Breathwork

  • Theatre based learning

  • Empower your voice, pitch, tones, volumes, speed

  • Body language

  • Theatre based learning

  • Practices on reading, presenting, speaking

Adults for in person session 

90 000 WON 

65 Euros

Children for in person session 

50 000 WON - 30 to 45  min

35 Euros

Possibility to practice with a friend or family.

I also often offer workshops for groups, and on request. 



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