Public Speaking Skills

You wish to learn how to:                                                                                       

  • Work on the delivery of a speech or a presentation

  • Define your Elevator Speech     

  • Use your voice as a powerful tool of communication                       

  • Gain presence in the space - use body language          

  • Come over stress and anxiety before a presentation   

  • Use breathing techniques to remain calm and credible                                                              

  • Strengthen your communication and leadership skills                                               


Through drama games, yoga postures, breathing and meditation exercises you will realise that speaking in public can be lots of fun!


My clients are individuals (speech for wedding, presentation, interview, entrepreneurs…), schools (students and teachers) and corporates. During their Yoga Teacher Training, I also teach future teachers how to place their voice and body while teaching.

Energy Exchange:

First meeting to define your needs: FREE 

One session : 1200 HKD - 60 to 90 min

Three sessions: 3300 HKD - 60 to 90 min each session

In my office:

One session : 1500 HKD - 60 to 90 min

Three sessions: 4200 HKD - 60 to 90 min each session