Public Speaking Skills

For adults - teenagers - kids


From speaking for Elevator pitch, Presentation, Oral for examen, Acceptance, Conference, Speech, Teaching to being able to speak within a group or at a diner table or on your social media.

  • Free your voice and the underlying wound

  • Come over shyness, stress, anxiety

  • Have a better control of emotions

  • Use your voice as a powerful tool of communication

  • Find your authenticity  

  • Gain presence and charisma in the space 

  • Use body language and speak with ease    

  • Reinforce your self-confidence                           

  • Keep your audience's attention    

  • Feel good and bring more joy to your life                                     

With Public Speaking tools, Theatre based learning, Chakras and heart opening, Visualisation, Yoga postures, Breathing exercises, Writing, Meditation, EFT you will realise that communicating your truth can truly change your life for the better.

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