Public Speaking Skills

For adults - teenagers - kids


From speaking for Elevator pitch, Presentation, Oral for examen, Acceptance, Conference, Speech, Teaching, being able to speak within a group or at a diner table, online or on your social media.



  • Come over shyness, stress, anxiety

  • Have a better control of emotions

  • Use your voice as a powerful tool of communication

  • Find your authenticity  

  • Learn how to free your voice and the underlying wound

  • Gain presence and charisma 

  • Use body language  

  • Speak at appropriate speed 

  • Reinforce your self-confidence  

  • Tell a story or a presentation with presence                         

  • Keep your audience's attention    

  • Feel good and bring more joy to your life  

What to expect:                                  

  • Theatre based learning

  • Practice on reading, presenting

  • Breathing techniques

  • Mouvements

  • Relaxation techniques


As well as many more holistic tools on request and according to your needs.

In Person 

Prices for one session *

800 HKD (80 euros) - 60 min

*For children, siblings can come together for no extra charge

Practice with a friend or partner

Session for two: 1200 HKD to be shared

Package of three classes

2100 HKD (210 euros) - 3 x 60min


Prices for one session

500 HKD (50 euros) - 60 min

I can adjust my prices according to your income - Do not hesitate to contact me.