• Sophie Martin Wallace

Hong Kong – From Peace to Chaos

Here I am, sitting in a beautiful and peaceful tea place, surrounding by Bonsai trees, light wooden furniture. I am drinking a Passion fruits tea, it is probably over 30 humid degrees outside and minus 15 dry degrees inside. Aircons are quite extreme in Hong Kong!

Many people are coming back from holidays and kids are heading back to school. Everything comes across as normal but the energy feels truly different.

The entire world is looking at Hong Kong. Images of violence and distress keep on going around. What is Hong Kong becoming? Are you scared of China? Will they send the army? Are you ok in Hong Kong? Yes I am safe but I wake up every day with the fear of discovering a tragic news.

My husband is a photo journalist for Agence France Presse. Often, he is out day and night to take pictures and show the world what’s going on here. When he is working, I go on Getty Images before I sleep, and look at his photos. I do this so I know more or less know where he is and also if he is safe. I then fall asleep with strong and dark images in my mind.

In the past weeks the police has gone as extreme as the local aircons. I can see new elements in his pictures: blood and real terror in people’s eyes.

I don’t think anyone is safe on the front line anymore. Not only violence but fear and anger are also escalating in the air and I have to say that I am feeling useless while witnessing such horrors.

My political views on the currents affairs are not really the point of my article. Nevertheless, I was born in country where going in the street to demonstrate is like getting a “baguette” in a bakery. I am French and my heart will always be with democracy, freedom of love, freedom of speech, freedom of work, freedom of religion, freedom of press, freedom of sex, freedom of movements….

Hong Kong is facing its worse crisis since the handover in 1997. All what we talk about is the protest. All what we see is the protest. For the last two months, I feel a heavy grey cloud over my home, my head and my heart, my family, and as a yoga teacher I am feeling energetically hammered during my sun salutations.

So here I am, cleaning the energy and burning Frankincense oil and Sage all over my place. I increase my yoga practice, join Kirtan event and overall meditate more than I ever did. Why do I do this? Because I need to change my own energy and turn that grey cloud into a blooming flower.

In the same way that violence breeds more violence, love breeds more love.

I strongly believe that if our energy is better, the people around us will benefit from it too. In this way, I believe that we can all contribute in spreading better vibes around us and in this case around Hong Kong.

No need to be a great yogi or go around the city while singing Hare Krishna with hairy armpits but every morning we can:

- Allow ourselves to feel good

- Be grateful from the moment we open our eyes.

- Stretch our body nicely and smile before looking at our phone

- Wear bright colors to bring more happiness

- Be kind with ourselves and others

- Release and let go what don’t serve us anymore in a few long exhalations

When Anthony is at home, I don’t look at my phone before I sleep. When he is working, I worry so I do.

I haven’t had a full experience of the protests. I always stay out and already I feel the distress strongly. Only looking at my husband pictures makes me cry. Last week I couldn’t take the image of the young girl losing her eye out of my head. If I feel this way while looking at a photo, how must he feel inside while taking it?

I can’t imagine what the people on the ground are feeling like these days.

This is with a gigantic wish to help in my own little way that I am sharing a simple meditation. I address it to my love Anthony and to all the incredible journalists, to all the people on the ground and to anyone who feels the need to release thoughts, tensions, feeling and images from their mind during this crazy time.

This may be very little comparing to the current chaos, however by uplifting the energy together, we can all contribute in improving the general mood around us and make Hong Kong feel a little shinier.


Sit in a comfortable position with your eyes closed.

It can be with crossed legs or sitting on a chair with your feet on the ground.

Rest your hands on your thighs, palms facing up or down.

Keep your spine straight, shoulders above your hips. Breath deeply.

Inhale, Exhale, Inhale, Exhale, Inhale, Exhale, Inhale, Exhale

Imagine yourself sitting comfortably in a safe space that you love. See yourself at ease.

Now allow an image or an emotion you would like to release to raise in your mind – bring as many details as possible – colors, sounds, feeling, smells.

Continue to breathe deeply.

Now bring your awareness to your heart centre - inhale - as you exhale imagine a light coming out from your heart.

Inhale, exhale the light - Inhale , exhale the light. Feel the light expanding around your body.

When you’re ready bring the image or emotion you wish to release back to your mind. Use each exhalation with the light to push it away. The more you exhale the more the light expands, the more the light expand the further your image or emotion goes.

Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. Expand the light to the room, to your district, your town, to your country, to the borders, to the earth – and fully release the image or emotion to the infinite.

Keep breathing deeply and let a new relaxed energy settles in.

Gently bring your attention back to your normal breathing, to the room and sound around you, to your body. Slowly move your fingers and arms.

Give yourself a big stretch and open your eyes.


© Sophie Martin Expression