Self Development Coaching

​I like calling my self development session, creative coaching.

Creativity is not necessary artistic. We can be creative in the office, in the way we invent services, manage our business. It can be for cooking more, gaining more confidence, running a company, doing a presentation, writing a book, organising an exhibition, raising kids, being playful, managing stress level gracefully...

During this session I can help you to:


  • Gain more confidence and focus

  • Make friend with your intuition

  • Thinking out of the box techniques

  • Let go the need to control

  • Manage your stress level

  • Let go the fear of judgement

  • Get a project going

  • Identify your goals

  • Find out more about your creative soul

Energy Exchange:

First meeting to define your needs: FREE 

At your home:

One session : 1200 HKD - 60 to 90 min

Three sessions: 3300 HKD - 60 to 90 min each session

In my office:

One session : 1500 HKD - 60 to 90 min

Three sessions: 4200 HKD - 60 to 90 min each session