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About me

I grew up in Provence (South of France) until the age of 18 and then lived in London, Barcelona, Paris, Marseille, Hong Kong and Seoul where I am currently based.

I am very passionate about emotional health, as well as communication in many forms: verbal, physical, energetic, emotional. I believe that the better we feel emotionally and energetically the better we are at communicating with others. 

My interest in finding efficient tools to calm the mind, tam the inner voice and communicate freely, led me to study Yoga, Meditation, Sekhem Energy, 

the Voice, Drama as well as Emotional Freedom Techniques. 

When are stressed, anxious and emotionally unbalanced, we tend to go quieter and shut ourselves up in a shell.

My role is make sure that your emotions are supporting you and not making you go smaller. 

Despite my love for Yoga and Meditation which truly transformed me inside out,  EFT is for me the most efficient tool to lower down stress level and remove old blockages in the quickest way possible. 

Prior to fully embracing my interest in the world of wellness and communication. I worked with artists and curated international arts events in Europe and Hong Kong for over ten years. (European capital of culture, BJCEM Arts biennale, Hong Kong French Films Festival, numbers of Art Exhibitions, Performances and Concerts). 

If the artists used to be my main clients, since 2018, I am reaching out to a bigger audience. 

My mission is to share my tools to as many people as I can and to invite teams and individual from any background to reinforce self-confidence, develop self-expression, reduce stress and anxiety and find emotional balance.

My clients come to me for EFT Sessions, Public Speaking, Yoga classes. I run trainings, workshops, retreats and I work with groups, corporate, individuals. I work online and in person and I love what I to do.⠀⠀⠀

In my spare time, I spend time with my family, go for walks in nature, do tourism in Korea, practice yoga, meditation, mindfulness, cooking.

I often take trainings and short courses to keep my session and skills growing. 

Mother of two inspiring children, wife of a wonderful husband, I have been based in Asia for almost 10 years.

I am looking forward to meeting you,



Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

Registered Practitioner with EFT International 

Level 1,2,3 with Centre of excellence (CPD - 150 hours) 

Yoga Alliance

Yoga teacher training with Chaukei Ng (200 hours)

Yin Yoga with Stephanie Aulestia (50 hours)

Sarasvatī : 108 mantras - exercises for the voice with Maitri Yoga & Veda


The Joy of living with Mingyur Rinpoche 

Level 1: Calming the Mind

Level 2: Opening the Heart

Level 3: Awakening Wisdom

Sekhem Energy 

Level 1 with Surj Ahead -  Healing techniques and practice


MA in Arts and Event Management

La Sorbonne, Paris 3

MA in Arts and Digital media

La Sorbonne Paris 1

Diploma of Physical Theatre

Escuela Moveo de mimo corporal, Barcelona

BA (hons) in Media Studies

University of East London UK

Drama and Creative Writing

University of Buckinghamshire, UK