About me

Certified by Yoga Alliance in Yoga with Chaukei Ng, Yin Yoga with Stephanie Aulestia, trained in Meditation by Mingyur Rinpoche, and certified by EFT international in Emotional Freedom Techniques as a practitioner, I have always been interested in understanding the mind, the voice, the subconscious and how to reduce stress, anxiety and shyness.


I grew up in South of France and studied Drama and Physical Theatre for over 10 years in France, the UK and Spain.

Prior to fully embracing my interest in the world of Wellness, I studied Masters in Arts and digital Media, and Art Event Management. These led me to promote artists and curated international arts events in Europe and Hong Kong for over ten years. (European capital of culture, BJCEM Arts biennale, Hong Kong French Films Festival, numbers of Art Exhibitions, Performances and Concerts).

Now as a mentor, I still helps artists reach their goals and create their events.

Since 2018, I am reaching out to a bigger audience. My mission is now to invite teams and individual from any background to reinforce self-confidence, develop self expression, reduce stress and anxiety.

This is with passion and dedication that I am sharing and mixing the best tools from Theatre based learning to speak with authenticity, Yoga to be in the body, Meditation and mindfulness to connect with the heart and EFT to get rid of physical pain and emotional distress to invite people to feel in alignment within themselves.

All these tools have and still help me so much in so many ways. I am truly happy to be incorporating all of them today in my sessions and workshops. 

Mother of two children, I have been living in Hong Kong for almost nine years and about to move to Seoul in Korea in July.

I am looking forward to hearing your story,