About me

If you are looking for a more holistic and creative coaching approach, then you are at the right place.

I am multidisciplinary coach, who helps teams, individuals and artists to reach their goals, get over stress, learn how to speak in public and find balance in their body, soul and mind.


Here are my tools!

  • Yoga and Meditation. I discovered yoga and meditation during a trip to India in 2012 and it was a real love at first sight! Although it might sound a bit cliché but I can truly say that Yoga and Meditation changed my life. Both disciplines helped gain self-confidence and find self-acceptance. They taught me how to feel and observe better, how to live in the present and most importantly how to let go. I can say that all these benefits allowed me to reconnect with myself and I am so excited to share these tools with others. I am a resident teacher at YogaUP Studio in Hong Kong, the Genting Dream Cruise ship, give private classes and organise retreats.

  • Arts Events Consultant. I have been working for over ten years in the Art and Cultural Industry and with Artists in between Europe and Hong Kong. I supported and promoted artists, curated Hong Kong French Films Festival, many Art Exhibitions, Drama, Dance performances and Concerts. Passionate, this job gives the necessary tools to believe in a project and to bring it to life. This is with unconditional love and experience that I help artists and anyone to develop their dream projects as well as their productivity and creativity.


  • Public Speaking Skills. Theatre was my first love. Acting taught me how to speak in public, how to tell a story, write a text, how to deliver a message effectively and develop my creative mind. I studied Drama for ten years between France and the UK and did a Corporal Mime school in Barcelona. I use drama tools during  all my workshops and find them particularly efficient for public speaking skills, for unlocking creativity and for gaining general confidence. I teach Drama at the French International School in Hong Kong as well as different adults groups. I also lead public speaking and Elevator Speeches workshops.

  • Infinite Sekhem & Anxiety and Stress Management.      I use energy healing as well as different tools to guide you toward a calmer state of mind and find your inner wisdom.

Proud mother of inspiring Léo and Charlotte, I have been loving life in Hong Kong for almost eight years.


I look forward to hearing your story,